Political Candidates


Here’s where so many political candidates miss the communications boat: They think it’s all about their ideas, their positions, their priorities, and their politics.  The communicate what they want to say, rather than what the voters want to hear.

Much of political communication, admittedly, is counter intuitive.  A candidate wants voters to get to know him or her, so it seems natural that they feel the need to talk about themselves and where they stand and what their priorities are in order to appeal to the public and get votes.  Well, yes.

But here’s where the art of truly effective political communication comes in:  Speaking about yourself and your ideas in a way that resonates with the concerns and priorities of your audience, the voting public.

I’ve heard countless candidates speak in broad terms about freedom, liberty, fairness, inclusion, innovation, justice, etc. etc.  Nothing wrong with those things, but too often the candidate fails to picture his audience and address their needs.  If I’m sitting at the kitchen table with my family having just been downsized out of my job, and my wife’s business is struggling because of the pandemic and I’m hoping to send my kids to college and one of them has medical needs, what appeal does broad rhetoric about justice and freedom hold for me?

Picture your audience.  Make your messaging about them.  It’s a mindset that can be created and, with good training, become instinctive.

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