All lawyers are bilingual.  They speak their native language and, once they’ve graduated from law school, they also speak Legalese.  It’s highly impressive, the enormous amount of terminology lawyers need to master and the unique terms they use in their everyday business.

It also creates substantial communication challenges.  A lawyer must be properly trained in the art of pivoting from legal jargon to the language of their audience, whether that’s a jury, a client, or the media.

Effective communication for lawyers requires them to be instant, internal translators.  They must abandon the jargon they are so familiar with and speak in terms that a person with no formal legal education can comprehend easily and immediately.

Without this skill, a lawyers risks alienating prospective clients, boring members of the media, and confusing jurors.  The language of Legalese is impressive, but it is not impactful to someone who doesn’t speak it.

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