Crisis Communications



What do you do when your normal routine is blown up by reporters suddenly calling, emailing, or showing up at your door, demanding answers to a breaking news story that finds you in the media crosshairs? How you handle that situation could have a long-term, even permanent impact on your future. Do NOT attempt to handle a media crisis without the help of a media professional. I’ll equip you with the following:

· Rapid response with a defined message

· Practice in “message discipline”

· Designation of a spokesperson or team response

· Issuing of media statements

· Training in handling ambush interviews

A media crisis can be one of the most stressful occurrences a person or company can endure. How it’s handled will speak volumes about you or your company’s confidence in yourself and whatever product or service you offer. Having served on Capitol Hill and the corporate world, I know how a crisis can mushroom into a public relations disaster or be turned around for a positive outcome. And I can show you how to neutralize a media storm.