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If anyone can name for me a group of people who routinely has rote, benign, open-ended questions lobbed at them in front of massive audiences on a regular basis more than athletes do, please speak up.   (Chirp...chirp).  I thought so.

Yet, remarkably few athletes properly capitalize on these golden opportunities to define themselves.  All media interviews are opportunities, but athletes’ media interactions uniquely position them to carve out their personas or advance worthy messages, owing mostly to the softball nature of sports reporters’ questions in the context of competition.

Athletes’ collective failure to capitalize on media interview opportunities boils down to them making the crucial mistake many other interviewees make: they try to give adequate answers to the (often lame) questions put to them, as opposed to using those questions to pivot to something they want to say.

High-level athletes spend countless hours training their bodies to perform and honing their physical skills.  Taking the time to learn effective, impactful strategies for using media interviews to define and advance their personal brands or put forth a message they want heard regardless of the questions asked would pay enormous dividends.

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