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"We all have a message to deliver, whether it's to the media, customers, clients, boards of directors, employees, or the general public. It's crucial to deliver your message as effectively and in as compelling a manner as possible.

If you believe the key to effective media interviews is giving satisfactory answers to the questions asked and the key to good presentations is imparting information, you're missing opportunities. I've helped elected officials, candidates, non-profits and corporate leaders transform from information givers to deliverers of compelling and effective messages.

If you need a successful resolution to a crisis communications or media strategy challenge, call me for a free consultation."


"Your message is important.  Deliver it effectively."



Areas of Focus

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Who Needs Communications Coaching?

Business Leaders

How many books have been written about achieving success in the business world?  A trillion? How many focus on achieving superior communications skills?  A few.  How many good ones are out there?  Very few. Compelling storytelling that delivers a human impact is a lost art in the business world.  Profits are being lost, careers are…


All lawyers are bilingual.  They speak their native language and, once they’ve graduated from law school, they also speak Legalese.  It’s highly impressive, the enormous amount of terminology lawyers need to master and the unique terms they use in their everyday business. It also creates substantial communication challenges.  A lawyer must be properly trained in…

Health Care Workers

I’m a cancer survivor.  Three times a year I have to have what’s called a Pet Scan, which is designed to detect any reoccurrence.  I go to a lab for the procedure, then have a follow-up appointment with my doctor, who reveals the results of the test. Generally, I don’t worry too much about the…

Political Candidates

Here’s where so many political candidates miss the communications boat: They think it’s all about their ideas, their positions, their priorities, and their politics.  The communicate what they want to say, rather than what the voters want to hear. Much of political communication, admittedly, is counter intuitive.  A candidate wants voters to get to know…

Athletes & Coaches

If anyone can name for me a group of people who routinely has rote, benign, open-ended questions lobbed at them in front of massive audiences on a regular basis more than athletes do, please speak up.   (Chirp…chirp).  I thought so. Yet, remarkably few athletes properly capitalize on these golden opportunities to define themselves.  All media…

What People Are Saying!


Keith Hughes

Educator, Advocate Leader

Jack Finn is a top-notch media strategist, speechwriter and coach, and crisis communications consultant. He's successfully executed media plans on a nationwide level and expertly dealt with intense media crises under challenging circumstances. I'd hire Jack for anything related to media strategy.


Kirk Lippold

Adjunct Professor at the United States Naval Academy

Jack is an extraordinary communications and media expert. When I ran for the United States Congress, I trusted Jack to advise me and handle every aspect of my media and public relations strategy. Jack has that rare gift to act in the moment and understand the strategic impact of every media engagement. He is insightful, effective, and driven to create communications strategies that succeed. Jack still advises me today in my current work and I truly value his wisdom and focused approach to problem-solving. I would hire Jack again without any reservation and he has my absolute highest recommendation. Hire him – you won’t be disappointed!


Dave Courvoisier

Media Specialist - Anchor on "GOOD MORNING LAS VEGAS" at KTNV Channel 13 Action News (ABC) I On-Cam/Voice talent

Jack is profoundly adept at the highest levels in virtually all media, especially as it relates to politics, government, and the interpersonal communications needed therein. His savvy approaches hit the target every time. Creative, articulate, and disciplined...Jack is a PR workhorse. He is trustworthy in providing strong, effective counsel in the areas of media relations, speech coaching, and crisis communications. Just think what he could do for you or your organization!


Sari Mann

Nevada State Director at AIPAC Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Jack is a true professional in the field of communication and is skilled at handling the media under the most challenging circumstances. He's an accomplished media trainer and spokesman with a great feel for effective communications. I'd recommend Jack for any coaching in the areas of media relations, speechwriting, or crisis communication.


Ashley Jonkey

Director of State Government Affairs, Anthem

“In the areas of public communication and media relations, Jack has a unique ability to form and articulate a compelling, comprehensive and effective public communications strategy.”


Dana Mayer

5-Star Executive Career Coach

“The challenges of effective communication today are enormous. Jack Finn transforms you into the type of dynamic, compelling communicator you need to be to hold people's attention and get them onboard with your message. Plus, Jack is fun to work with! I highly recommend him.”


Michael Clement

Founder, Alliance Forge

"Jack has a real gift. He connects with his clients in ways many can't through his personality and listening skills. He is a masterful wordsmith and will have you and your company or campaign on a winning message. You will be happy with him and even happier with the result."